There are cities that conquer us from the first second and Alcácer do Sal is undoubtedly one of them!
Only an hour away from Lisbon, it is perfectly designed on a slope that goes down from the castle to the Sado.

Along the way stands a wall of white houses that is reflected in the waters of this river…one of the few Portuguese rivers that flows from south to north. Yes, the Sado River begins in the Serra da Vigia in Ourique and runs for 180 km until it flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Setúbal.

There is no doubt that Alcácer do Sal is a beautiful destination for an original and relaxing getaway. It is full of history, culture, tradition, and the gastronomy is simply divine! It is impossible not to fall in love with the unique charm of this town blessed by fertile land where riches such as rice or pine nuts sprout.
Linger on this river and city with Sunrice!